Partnerships provide mutually beneficial relationships that distribute the Montessori physical education curriculum to as many educators as we can.

The Montessori Library is a subscription service that offers comprehensive lesson plans and videos in all areas of the Montessori curriculum. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and include such notable presenters as Paul Epstein PhD., Val Wise, Tim Selden, Kitty Bravo, Jonathan Wolf, and more. Subscriptions are priced very reasonably, usually at $5 a month. This resource works well as a supplement for established Montessori curriculums, as well as new and novel curriculums not offered in typical Montessori certification training.

The Montessori Library’s goal is provide valuable information to as many Montessori instructors as possible at a fair price. We believe in this mission as well, and that is why we are pleased to announce this partnership with the Montessori Library. Montessori Physical Education will post lessons every month to the Library website, so keeping your subscription current will provide you with new and useful lessons month after month.

For a direct link to our Montessori PE lessons on The Montessori Library, click here.


Located in Slovenia, The Montessori inštitut is a brand new, world class Montessori school situated just minutes away from downtown Ljubljana. The director and co-founder of the Montessori inštitut is Melita Kordeš Demšar, who has a bachelor's degree in social pedagogy and a master’s degree in anthropology, as well her AMI 0-3 diploma, and AMS certificate for infant/toddler, early childhood, and elementary (6-12). Melita Kordeš Demšar participated in establishing the first international training course in Slovenia for Montessori pedagogy in early childhood (3-6) age level, as well as organized and directed training courses for Montessori teachers for the infant/toddler stage (0-3 years). Having worked with Seton Montessori in Chicago, she recently launched a training program for Montessori teachers for the elementary (ages 6-12), which started in 2013 for the first time in Slovenia.

In the summer of 2019, I travelled to Slovenia to teach the Montessori Physical Education curriculum to Melita and the teachers of the Montessori inštitut. They share the same vision in the importance of physical education, but recognized the benefits of integration with the Montessori classroom to produce a truly authentic Montessori PE program. The staff is very excited to unveil these new lessons to their students after having so much fun playing the games themselves. We will continue to foster our partnership through collaboration as they pilot new lessons and share their feedback. One day I hope to visit their beautiful school again and see my friends at the Montessori inštitut.

For more information about their amazing school, please visit their Facebook Page or their website.

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