Partnerships will provide us with the valuable ability to distribute the Montessori physical education curriculum to as many educators as we can. We strive on having mutually beneficial relationships that, in the long run, will do the most good by helping the most people.

The Montessori Library is a subscription service that offers comprehensive lesson plans and videos in all areas of the Montessori curriculum. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and include such notable presenters as Paul Epstein PhD., Val Wise, Tim Selden, Kitty Bravo, Jonathan Wolf, and more. Subscriptions are priced very reasonably, usually at $5 a month. This resource works well as a supplement for established Montessori curriculums, as well as new and novel curriculums not offered in typical Montessori certification training.

The Montessori Library’s goal is provide valuable information to as many Montessori instructors as possible at a fair price. We believe in this mission as well, and that is why we are pleased to announce this partnership with the Montessori Library. Montessori Physical Education will post lessons every month to the Library website, so keeping your subscription current will provide you with new and useful lessons month after month.

For a direct link to our Montessori PE lessons on The Montessori Library, click here.

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