New School Year, New You 2018

Most people make New Year's resolutions. The people who are most successful at this usually choose something to change that does not reinvent the wheel, but something still impactful. Consistency is key. Teachers have their own version of New Year's resolutions, but it usually starts at the beginning of a new school year. Like most resolutions however, it starts strong in the beginning, but usually derails by winter break. It's too hard to adhere to, and the change becomes more of a burden than being helpful.


Let's change that in 2018. So many Montessori teachers wish that their physical education curriculum was more substantial (if they even have one at all). So many teachers wish that physical education was more than just another recess time (even though recess is very important). So many teachers wish they could consistently reach their high energy, kinesthetic learners with fun and engaging lessons.


With these Montessori PE lessons, you can make a significant change in your classroom. The lessons are fun and easy for your students to understand, and they will reinforce the concepts being learned in the classroom. I've heard from many teachers the impact that Montessori PE has on the classroom, and more students are excited and engaged about gym class.


Let's make 2018 the year that physical education went from a "specials" class to a true co-curricular that supports the Montessori classroom!