Actions Speak Louder than Words Pt. 2

For many reasons, it had been several years since I competed in a powerlifting competition,. I had nagging injuries, work was very busy, and our son was born. Life gets busy, so we have to make time for things we need to do and things we enjoy. Luckily for me, weight lifting checks off both those boxes. I wanted to get in a competition before the school year started, and I knew the most important thing was not making excuses and just getting back into it.

When students (and adults) say that they do not have time to do something, they are right. No one has time for anything. We must make time, and that is a lesson we want our students to understand. This is a core fundamental to executive functioning; delegating time to accomplish tasks in the proper order. This is a lesson that, as educators, we not only teach, we must also live.

Here is a video of the highlights of the competition. Thanks for watching!