Montessori Physical Education is a Top 100 Blog for 2019!

We are proud to announce that our Montessori Physical Education Blog has been listed in the Top 100 Montessori Blogs from Feedspot! We are actually ranked number 28, which is an honor considering that we have been blogging for less than a year. Receiving this ranking only encourages me to continue writing and creating content that will help you in the upcoming year with your Montessori PE programs.

Speaking of Montessori PE programs, Volume 2 will be ready very soon! It will contain all new lessons for your students to enjoy, and I will release more bundles and free lessons to download as well. I will let everyone know when Volume 2 is ready, but some of the themes to look forward to are:

Wind Erosion

Water Cycle

Simple Machines

States of Matter

Six Kingdoms of Life



Layers of the Earth

Scientific Method

Land and Water Forms

Human Body

Continental Drift


and much, much more!

Thank you everyone for your support! Whether you have purchased the program, individual lessons, or read the blog, I appreciate all of you. To start the new year off right, I’m going to throw a New Year’s Sale on our website store (as well as our Teachers Pay Teachers store). If you type in “New Year” in the promo code at checkout, you will receive 50% off Montessori Physical Education Volume 1.

Again, I want to thank everyone for your readership and support, and I will see you in 2019 with Montessori Physical Education Volume 2. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!