Spring Forward with a New Free Lesson!

How do we celebrate the coming of Spring (and unfortunately turning our clocks forward)? We release one of our most popular lessons from Volume 2 for free! It's called States of Matter Tag, and it has been one of my school's favorite games this year. This game is perfect for when your class is studying physics or chemistry, especially the periodic table. If your students have a little extra energy due to Spring Break excitement, use this game to get some energy out.

States of Matter Tag will teach and reinforce the concepts of solids, liquids, and gasses. More dynamically, this game demonstrates how substances transition from one state of matter to another through the application of heat and cold. This extra layer to the game goes beyond just memorization of the states of matter, and actually helps them understand how and why things change from one state to the next.

Head to the website store to download the game today for free! If you like the game, there are many more in Volume 2 that you are your students will love.